下午的时候本来我准备写的标题是”Youtube是个好东西”…你可以在上面找到无数想看的vedio…但是当我从下午5点不知不觉一直看到晚上9点多, 看完了各国dancing with the stars, 各种show dance (再赞美一下我的女神Karina~和无法形容的她的前任搭档Slavik– 偷偷放几个video链接说明一切: 4 1 2 3 o 5 6 7 8 9 …)然后发现还有so you think you can dance这个我曾经非常热爱的节目, 看到心满意足后偶尔链接到96年的Chicago的broadway show(97年获得tony奖)的片段, 然后……然后后天还要连考两门我看都没看完书…而且因为前几天看太多美人跳舞, 这两天考试时都不时走神, 脑海里突然浮现出那些印象深刻的舞们@_@





话说那个Chicago中间虽然经典片段很多, 但我最喜欢的还是cell block tango那一段, 几个女杀人犯讲她们为何入狱, 节奏舞蹈充满了tango的张力, 音乐容易上口, 歌词写的有趣极了, 真正的黑色幽默…尤其每次听到最后”I guess we broke up because of artistic difference” 都忍不住大笑.


And now the 6 merry murderesses of the cook county
jail in their rendition of the cell block tango


[LIZ (Spoken)]
You know how people
have these little habits
That get you down. Like Bernie.
Bernie like to chew gum.
No, not chew. POP.
So I came home this one day
And I am really irritated, and I’m
looking for a bit of sympathy
and there’s Bernie layin’
on the couch, drinkin’ a beer
and chewin’. No, not chewin’.
Poppin’. So, I said to him,
I said, “you pop that
gum one more time…”
and he did.
So I took the shotgun off the wall
and I fired two warning shots…
…into his head.

He had it coming
He had it coming
He only had himself to blame

If you’d have been there
If you’d have heard it
I betcha you would
Have done the same!

[ANNIE (Spoken)]
I met Ezekiel Young from
Salt Lake city about two years ago
and he told me he was single
and we hit it off right away.
So, we started living together.
He’d go to work, he’d come home, I’d
fix him a drink, We’d have dinner.
And then I found out,
“Single” he told me?
Single, my ass. Not only
was he married
…oh, no, he had six wives.
One of those Mormons, you know. So that
night, when he came home, I fixed him
his drink as usual.
You know, some guys just can’t hold
their arsenic.

Hah! He had it coming
He had it coming
He took a flower
In its prime
And then he used it
And he abused it
It was a murder
But not a crime!

Pop, six, squish, uh-uh
Cicero, Lipschitz

[JUNE (Spoken)]
Now, I’m standing in the kitchen
carvin’ up the chicken for dinner,
minding my own business,
and in storms my husband Wilbur,
in a jealous rage.
“You been screwin’ the milkman,”
he says. He was crazy
and he kept screamin’,
“you been screwin the milkman.”
And then he ran into my knife.
He ran into my knife ten times..”

If you’d have been there
If you’d have seen it
I betcha you would have done the same!

[HUNYAK (Spoken)]
[说了一段大概是Espanol, 不懂, 恕删]

[JUNE (Spoken)]
Yeah, but did you do it?

UH UH, not guilty!

My sister, Veronica and
I had this double act
and my husband, Charlie,
traveled around with us.
Now, for the last number in
our act, we did 20 acrobatic tricks
one two three four,five…splits, spread eagles,
back flips,flip flops,
one right after the other.
Well, this one night we were in the hotel Cicero,
the three of us,
boozin’ and
havin’ a few laughs
when we run out of ice.
So I went out to get some.
I come back, open the door
and there’s Veronica and
Charlie doing Number Seventeen-
the spread eagle.

Well, I was in such a state of shock,
I completely blacked out.I can’t remember a thing.
It wasn’t until later,
when I was washing the blood off my hands
I even knew they were dead.

They had it coming
They had it coming
They had it coming all along
I didn’t do it
But if I’d done it
How could you tell me that I was wrong?

They had it coming
They had it coming
They had it coming
They had it coming
They had it coming
They took a flower
All along
In its prime
I didn’t do it
And then they used it
But if I’d done it
And they abused it
How could you tell me
It was a murder
That I was wrong?
But not a crime!

I loved Alvin Lipschitz
more than I can possibly say.
He was a real artistic guy…
sensitive… a painter.
He was always trying
to find himself.
He’d go out every night
looking for himself
and on the way
he found Ruth,
Rosemary and Irving.
I guess you can say we broke
up because of artistic differences.
He saw himself as alive
and I saw him dead.

[后面是重复吟唱, 恕删]

我以热爱学习的好同志的名义发誓, 明天一分钟也不浪费(呃…睡觉和吃饭时收个信放松一下不算…扭捏底说).

ft, 发现错删了最后一段, 赶紧补上…

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