Love Actually

A lovely movie~ really warm and romantic, and funny like hell @_@
It’s even ridiculous in some sense…But I definitely like it.
Everyone should go watch it! Except for those who are only 13 yrs old or younger.
There is some F-words in the movie…and maybe one or two scenes (or maybe jokes) that are not suitable for children.
Hiahia, but still, I like them >:] (evil grins)

I learned some new words there… epiphany n.显灵, 顿悟; transvestite 易装癖者; dominatrix (heihei, 女王样); exorcism 驱魔, 驱邪咒; quid一磅, 20先令; kebab 烤肉串; venue 聚会地点(Let’s decide a venue for the party…)
…Damn I forgot the others already!
When Sarah gets calls from her brother, she always says: “I’m not busy…I’m free as a bird. Fire away.“
意思是: 我当然不忙啦~ 有的是时间讲电话, 放心说吧~

The idea is brilliant and stellar! 可以用来谄媚和大拍马屁~和鼓励你心爱的小儿子或者女儿

But there is one thing: Hugh Grant is getting old and ugly…口怜哪. 自古美人如名将, 不许人间见白头.

里面还有演<心火>和<布****的(单身?)日记(?)>的那个男演员. 他总演这么讨喜的角色.

而且里面是音乐大串连. 不少有趣的歌适时出现.

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