在网上找很久找不到的skakespear’s sisters的stay刚才居然在drl的ftp搜到了, 真是意外之喜. 而且又看到music heaven那些老歌, 真是怀念啊. 还幸福快乐地下了so sad和toy soldiers…
stay这首歌之前因为不记得歌手, 所以空自缅怀已久, 有一次兴致一发想起它来, 发下宏愿要把所有能找到叫stay的歌都下下来……结果下了两首错的就没有坚持下去了, 幸好……
昨天晚上看电视, 发现音乐台的那个retro正好在放stay的MTV, 立刻爬起来戴上眼镜准备记录mtv末尾的音乐信息. 以前对此歌印象很深, 但是一直没细想为啥. 昨天看mtv才突然反应过来, 原来这首歌想表达这么荡气回肠的故事啊, 小姑娘跟死神抢情人. 虽然歌手化妆很恐怖, 但是演的还是很投入的, 倒相当有感染力. 另外题外话,mtv里面那个装死的帅哥貌似长的很不错-__-b

Stay —— Shakespear’s Sister

if this world is wearing thin
and you’re thinking of escape
i’ll go anywhere with you
just wrap me up in chains
but if you try to go alone
don’t think i’ll understand

stay with me, stay with me

in the silence of your room
in the darkness of your dreams
you must only think of me
there can be no in between
when your pride is on the floor
i’ll make you beg for more

you’d better hope and pray
that you’ll make it safe
back to your own world
you’d better hope and pray
that you’ll wake one day
in your own world

Cos when you sleep at night
They dont hear you cries in your own world
Only time will tell if you can break the spell
Back in your own world

最后感想一下, 有自己的blog开张, 心情激动. 不过刚才看到一些同志说通常用drl的blog发技术文章, 不由十分汗颜. 技术不懂, 只好暴殄天物, 发点杂七杂八了.

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